By Jens Gantz

User centric design is the key

As a SAAS-Company we want to provide you with a product that is not only valuable for you in your daily life, but also is a pleasure to use. Therefore, my job as the lead designer here at ispolink is to bring you the best user experience imaginable — and to do so user centric design is the key.

The user centric design process (UCD) is an approach that puts the user of a product at the center of its design and development. This guarantees that the software will be easy to use and serves customers needs…

Ispolink ($ISP) is delighted to announce a partnership with Reef Finance ($REEF) — building Reef Chain, a DeFi blockchain built using Substrate Framework. Reef Chain provides high scalability, enabling almost instant low-cost transactions, and supports Solidity and EVM, allowing developers to seamlessly migrate their DApps from Ethereum without any change in the codebase.

Considering both project’s interoperability focus, cooperation between the two projects will be seamless. Reef will leverage the Ispolink platform to source industry-leading talents and enrich its team with Ispolink’s internal AI-powered algorithms, while Ispolink will launch an instance of its platform on Reef Chain.

As part of…

We are proud to announce that Polygon has been successfully integrated into the Ispolink platform. By providing cross-chain support via Polygon, we are empowering our users to take advantage of the considerably cheaper transactions fees and faster confirmation times when they are utilizing $ISP tokens to purchase hiring packages, stake $ISP tokens, earn referral bonuses or claim rewards.

In this guide, we’re going to show you how to bridge your ISP tokens on the Polygon network — also known as the PoS Bridge (Proof-of-Stake bridge).


You need to have ETH and ISP tokens in your wallet.

Deposit ISP tokens using the Polygon Web Wallet

Head over to the Polygon Web Wallet:

Polygon Web Wallet

Connect to your Ethereum wallet using one of the methods above, Metamask is recommended.

You’d be asked to sign the transaction — click on Sign (it doesn’t cost anything).

Once you have logged in, you will see a dashboard showing all your token balances on Polygon. …

Ispolink is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Shield Finance,a multi-chain DEFI insurance aggregator. We’re thrilled to collaborate with Shield Finance and leverage their protocol which will grant an extra level of protection to the $ISP holders and liquidity providers against sudden market crashes. Furthermore, we’re happy to disclose that Shield Finance will be utilizing the Ispolink platform to take advantage of our tools and on-chain analysis to find highly skilled personnel.

Shield Finance will deploy Market Crash Protection contracts for Ispolink. These contracts will allow the $ISP token holders to buy protection against a potential crash due to…

We are extremely excited to announce that Ispolink will hold a public sale across three of the most popular platforms between April 28th and May 6th:Gate, Ignition and DAO Maker. Each platform will launch its sale at slightly different times, and follow a different set of rules.

This article will outline the ways in which you can take part in the upcoming public sale. This sale will not last long, and getting in on the action early on is crucial.

How to purchase $ISP tokens on DAO Maker

Registration opens for the DAO Maker ISPO event on April 30th at noon UTC for 24 hours. …

Today, April 5th, 2021, we’re extremely thrilled to share with our community and supporters the successful completion of our Seed round with a total raise of $1.6 million dollars. We’ve received support from notable backers such as Genblock Capital, AU21 Capital, Magnus Capital, X21, Moonwhale Ventures, Lotus Capital, Master Ventures, Gate, Titans Ventures, GD10 Ventures, Dasheng Venture Capital, Peech Capital,ZBS Capital, CSP DAO along with prominent individuals like Danish Chaudhry — CEO of

About Ispolink

Ispolink is novel cross-chain platform for developers powered by Binance Smart Chain and Polygon’s layer 2 scaling technology. We empower blockchain firms to source seamlessly industry…

We’re excited to share with you details about our development processes, the platform progress made thus far and how we organize our work internally. In this article we will briefly go through some of the topics which we think are important for delivering a scalable next gen automated job platform.


  • Golden Circle, Buyer Personas, Brand Attributes
  • UML class diagrams and ERDs
  • CI/CD and code quality
  • Blockchain microservice to communicate with Matic Network

Golden Circle, Buyer Personas, Brand Identity

The Golden Circle played a pivotal role at the very beginning while we were still defining our product requirements and functionalities. …

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

Why and How to Start Embracing AI in Recruiting

For a long time, the recruitment industry has relied on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to source candidates. It is high time for recruiters to leverage AI to minimize hiring time and redundancy and increase the quality of hire.

AI for sourcing candidates is an emerging class of human resource (HR) technology designed to minimize or even eradicate, time-wasting processes such as manual screening of resumes. Screening curriculum vitae (CV) efficiently and time-consciously is still the biggest challenge in the recruitment industry.

According to a study conducted by industry analytics, more than…

We are thrilled to announce that Ispolink has joined the Matic ecosystem.

We are happy to onboard Matic as one of the first blockchain companies to utilize the Ispolink platform at its launch. Thus, we will provide a wide range of tools to assist Matic in sourcing and attracting qualified talents for their business.

By embracing Matic Network layer 2 scaling technology, Ispolink is going to overcome the common limitations and and constraints of the Ethereum blockchain network. Therefore, Ispolink’s blockchain payment system will provide frictionless and instant payments, ensuring that users will be able transact with 1/100 of the…


The First Automated Matchmaking Job Board Platform Powered by Blockchain and AI Technology

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